El Maquinista: Our Hero (Introduction)

Three convictions burrowed themselves into Rubén González‘s mind as he approached the Rincón benches. The first was that it would rain today, and possibly during the game, which might delay them enough that he’d have to head into town and find someone with both an available room and the patience to await La Central’s eventualContinue reading “El Maquinista: Our Hero (Introduction)”

El Maquinista: Our Hero’s Nephew (Aside 1)

Before forging ahead with our main subject, the post-trade career of Sílvano Nieves—whose journey through the vagaries of nineteenth-century professional baseball in Puerto Rico was much more precarious than his uncle’s, and therefore much more typical—merits fuller mention. Informe There are two major reasons why a man nearly fifty years old, two years removed fromContinue reading “El Maquinista: Our Hero’s Nephew (Aside 1)”

El Maquinista: Maunabo, October 1891 (Prologue)

In those days, Maunabo still relished its privacy—or, more accurately, still had privacy to relish. The previous summer, the railroad men in San Juan (in their infinite wisdom) had sent their hired German engineer, with his big bushy yellow beard and his haphazardly-stored explosives and his crew of indefatigable carrileros, to poke around the SierraContinue reading “El Maquinista: Maunabo, October 1891 (Prologue)”