Valerosos de Ciales

Ciales Gallants

The team logo of the Valerosos de Ciales: a silver circle dotted with black and bordered in navy, on which a capital "V" in navy, bordered in black, sits. Pretty boring, huh?





• League: Betances.
Division: Centro.
• Nicknames: Galanes, Cojoberos.
Cheers: “¡Brilla galán!”


Photo credit: Édgar Torres.

LNP championships




Liga Betances pennants




Campeonatos de las Ligas

1877 • 1890



Series Interdivisionales

1877 • 1890



Series Eliminatorias

1877 • 1890 • 1895



División Centro titles

1871 • 1876 • 1878 • 1895 • 1896



Wild Card berths

1874 • 1877 • 1884 • 1890


While Ciales is much more famous in our reality for the heroes it gave the nation after the American invasion, in the War for the Republic, the town was an important center of supply and reinforcement for the Army of Liberation at its direst straits.

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Notable Players


  • Príamo Sánchez: 1871-


  • Parque de los Valerosos: 1871-